At the heart of The Ashley School Academy Trust are our pupils themselves. We treat all our pupils as individuals with unique circumstance and needs. We work flexibly to ensure that all our pupils make good progress.
The Ashley School Academy Trust has an embedded commitment to working with families, children and other agencies helping sustain the learning, development and wellbeing of pupils facing challenging individual circumstances.
Our staff team is made up of teachers, specialist support staff, administrators, ICT and premises staff. The staff’s enthusiasm is permeated throughout and is reflected well by our pupils who show great commitment in pursuing their educational and extracurricular activities. The Ashley School Academy Trust’s pupils pride themselves on a variety of academic, vocational, sporting, expressive and practical achievements. As a Special School, our Headteacher, Sally Garrett is the designated SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator).
Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprising Head Teacher (Sally Garrett), two Deputy Head Teachers (Aaron Wright and Thomas Ward) and Strategic Business Manager (Mark Kemp) has ensured the school sets and achieves consistently high standards, working effectively and efficiently together. The staff are highly skilled and totally committed to achieving the very best possible outcome for every pupil at The Ashley School Academy Trust. We do this through:
•       Personalised Learning – Ensuring our curriculum planning promotes outstanding pupil progress
•       Using data effectively to improve outcomes for our pupils
•       ACTIVE Learning – We deliver consistently outstanding lessons
•       Promoting accountability and raising standards
•       Developing pupils’ confidence and participation in a safe environment
•       Supporting pupils’ transition to Post 16 provision
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