At The Ashley School Academy Trust we take e-Safety seriously. During your time at school computers and the Internet will be used in a variety of ways in lessons. To ensure your safety whilst at school security measures are in place when accessing the computers or Internet, for example;
  • Individual usernames and passwords for computer acces
  • Restricted access when using the internet to sites that may cause harm
  • Computers and the Internet can only be accessed  when supervised by a member of staff 
(for example; during school lessons, during ICT lunchtime club)
To promote further understanding of e-Safety and safe Internet use there will be specific lessons for pupils on e-Safety and safe Internet use during PSHE modules whilst at school.
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency (CEOP) have excellent resources and information for parents and carers. They have online advice and guidance on keeping young people safe in the digital age. They have online videos giving you up to date information on e-safety. For more information you can visit their website www.thinkuknow.co.uk
If you would like more information about The Ashley School Academy Trust’s ethos on e-Safety or you are worried/concerned about your child and their ability to use the Internet safely please contact Lee Humphreys (Pupil and Family Support Assistant) on 01502-565439. 
Safer Internet Day 2015 - Tips for Parents and Carers - click here
and we've also got a short video clip to help keep safe on line: