Key Stage 4 Curriculum


KS4 offers full-time places for up to 40 pupils. Classes are taught as both mixed ability ‘Tutor’ groups and ‘streamed’ for some specialist teaching.

All pupils are entitled to the same rich, broad and balanced curriculum which includes National Curriculum. Individual interests and talents are nurtured within lessons and beyond them through additional activities.

Pupils are usually taught in classes of 10 pupils, however this many vary in different lessons. All pupils learn English, Maths, Science, ICT, PE including Swimming, OAA and access to local facilities, PHSE (including SRE) and Beliefs and Values. There are a range of additional accredited subjects that can be studied: Construction, Horticulture, Design Technology, Art, Catering.

We encourage pupils to successfully participate in work placements both externally & through our pupil duties.


Themes and Topics - Autumn Term 2018

To help with Key Stage 4 pupils learning we've produced a list of themes and topics for each subject so that parents and carers are able to see what is planned for the learning periods during each term.