Developing capability in ICT helps all pupils become part of the rapidly changing world in which technology is an essential part. ICT helps pupils take greater responsibility for their own learning, plan and organise their ideas, and produce and present work of a high standard. It can also encourage creativity.
 We aim to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required for pupils to be able to use computers and related technology confidently, within appropriate contexts, as described by the National Curriculum and Qualification & Curriculum Authority (QCA). Pupils currently have the opportunity to achieve Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts (OCR) accredited qualifications in ICT at Entry Level, Functional Skills Level 1 and OCR Nationals Level 1.
 Our pupils use computers in their ICT lessons and in other subject areas to research and expand topic work, saving information and files in their network area folders. There is an emphasis on e-safety and pupils have supervised access to the Internet for research purposes and other suitable educational activities. Pupils at the top end of Key stage 3 and those in key Stage 4 can communicate with fellow pupils through the school e-mail system.
The school is committed to providing pupils with a wide experience of up to date 21st Century hardware and software as and when this becomes available. We have recently purchased an online subscription to an educational website where pupils can learn some simple computer coding allowing them to create their own apps.