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The Future of Specialist Educational Provision in Suffolk


Many of you will already be aware, either through our letter in December or from the Lowestoft Journals’ news article, that Suffolk County Council are carrying out a review of ‘Specialist Provision’. This includes the option of either changing the way places are allocated within our Residence or possibly closing it completely. We are working hard with SCC to ensure that closure is NOT an option and Peter Aldous, MP, is supporting us.

Cabinet met in December and we are now in a consultation phase.

There is an opportunity for you to contribute to this through the ‘Options Review’ (attached). This can also be completed online at:


OR search in GOOGLE for: SCC Consultation,

then select Comment on a Consultation/Suffolk County Council,

then select Future of Specialist Provision in Suffolk.


Here you will have the opportunity to look at the options available, review a summary report, look at the timetable for the consultation and give feedback (Options Review Information Pack – a copy of which is attached).


Or you can go direct to the Survey at:


Or you can email your feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Or you can send the paper copy attached to:

FOSEP Review, Children and Young People’s Services, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, IPSWICH IP1 2BX.


All feedback must be returned by Sunday 7th February 2016.


Later this term there will be a meeting here at The Ashley School Academy Trust.


We would like to encourage you to share your views as I am sure you would agree, whether you currently have a son or daughter in residence or not, that the impact of the residential 24 hour curriculum is excellent and helps our pupils make progress with independence, social and emotional skills, working together and emotional resilience.

If you would like help to access this information online or to complete the questionnaire, please contact the School Office.


Many thanks in advance.


Ms S Garrett




The following documents are available by clicking in the titles:


FOSEP - Options Review Information Pack


FOSEP - Review Report - Summary


FOSEP - Revised Timetable


TASAT Letter



Children in Need 2015


Lots going on in school today for Children in Need 2015.


All key stage staff have dressed up for the day and the office staff joined in too!


Smurfs at school-IMG 0512

Admissions Consultation 2017/2018 (Suffolk County Council)


Please click here to see a letter for Parents / Carers regarding the Admissions Consultation 2017/2018 from Suffolk County Council


The link to the Suffolk County Council website can be found here

Please use this link to respond to Suffolk County Council and not direclty to the school, Thank you


Please see details of our latest Vacancies by following the link

The Closing Date for all four vacancies is Friday 13th November 2015.



I. T. Issues


We have been experiencing difficulty in accessing all emails sent to the school since the weekend.


We are working at finding a solution as soon as possible but if you do need to contact the school urgently please call us on 01502 565439.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you





Half Term Holiday:

Just a quick reminder that the school will be closed on Friday 23rd October 2015 for a Staff Training Day and will re-open on Monday 2nd November 2015.



Parents and Carers Get Together Reminder




The next Parents and Carers Get Together meeting is next Monday afternoon 19th October 2015 1pm -2:30pm . The group is very friendly, informal and everyone is welcome. It would be lovely to see more of you so why not give it a try. If you have already joined us why not encourage another parent or carer to come along.  It’s a good opportunity to meet other parents and carers as well as have a chat about school.

Sam Lichfield from the Learning Disability Children and Adolescence Mental Health Services (LDCAMHS) will be joining us for part of the afternoon to offer advice about this service.

If you would like further information about the get together please contact School 01502 565439 and ask to speak to Sam Bover.

Latest Vacancies


Please see details of our Latest Vacancies here




For our year 11s, their parents and carers, leaving The Ashley School Academy Trust at the end of the summer term is an exciting time but as with any significant change there is the element of the unknown. To help pupils with this, the school employs a Transition Worker – Mr Walton who is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, help pupils make informed decisions and reduce any anxieties associated with this time of change.

In order to help pupils make decisions about their future we give them plenty of opportunities to discuss options with members of staff, organise visits to colleges and other appropriate providers.

During November we hold a Pathways Evening where providers and organisations who may be able to help in the future offer advice and contacts, giving you the freedom to ask questions and find out information. This year’s event is on Tuesday 10th November 2015 here at school.

As well as the Year 11 Annual Review meeting there is an individual meeting with the Transition Worker which will allow you the opportunity to discuss such things as transport and provide any other information you need.

Colleges also give pupils the chance to try out the course of their choice so that when they start in September they will already be familiar with staff, the venue and other students, these are often called taster sessions.

Please feel free, whatever year group your child is in, to contact Mr Walton at the school to learn more about transition. These are exciting times as our young people move on to this next phase of their education. Our aim is to make this transition as smooth as possible by keeping everyone as well informed and knowledgeable about the process as we can.

If you would like to more information around this subject please call the school on 01502 565439

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