Watersports centre

Oulton Broad Water Sports Centre (OBWSC) is the premier location for water sports in North Suffolk It is situated in the Broads National Park, a very picturesque and popular part of East Anglia and is an ideal venue for beginners to learn and participate in the safe environment of the Broads. The centre staff are dedicated to providing high quality instruction, support to enhance individual personal development, the centre provides all safety equipment, classroom, changing and shower facilities. 

It is a facility which the school recently inherited but which is run by a separate trading arm that the school has established. The facility is a commercial one that is available to the public to make use of but which is a particularly valuable resource for the Ashley Academy and other schools in the area. A new independant website for the Oulton BroadsWater Sports Centre is now live which contains all of the information relating to the OBWSC.